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Embrace Good Air

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Air Mentor 2S: Cloud Indoor Air Quality Detector - HCHO Type(8099-AF)

Including independent formaldehyde gas sensor, particulate matter (PM2.5/PM10), carbon dioxide (CO2), total volatile organic compounds, temperature and humidity. Air Mentor 2S will alert user with air quality pollution status, App will also receive alert notification. Through Smart Phone App, user can easily setup Air Mentor 2S Wi-Fi connection, to know the indoor air quality anytime, anywhere. Air quality measurement will automatically upload to Air Cloud, through app at anywhere, user may check real time and history data, analysis and improvement suggestion.

About Air Mentor

Accurate, Stable, Reliable

We choose industrial-grade sensors, with numerous fine tuning and environmental testing, our accuracy is comparable to professional laboratory equipment. Each sensor is calibrated in the production line and tested in specific gas chamber to ensure all sensor readings’ consistency.

Do you know?

We spend 80% of our life indoors. That’s only 20% of entire life outdoors.

Embrace Good Air


Air Mentor provides real time air quality status, send all the data through our IoT structure to the cloud.


Our cloud platform is designed for long term big data storage, analysis and report for further air quality management or improvement.


We provide real time air quality status through digital signage broadcast system.


Our smart link IoT integration with different class of air purifier systems can provide users multiple options to improve the air quality in your environment.

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