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Smart Air Purification System

Our professional team are well trained and experienced to tailor-make total indoor air quality solutions for a wide range of applications in different environments and situations.

Total solution for Indoor Air Quality

Smart Monitoring

We partner with Air Mentor to provide real time IAQ status monitoring, with a user-friendly smart application for you to check remotely and keep record easily.

Air Treatment

We employ NCCO, a safe, ecofriendly and efficient air purification technology, in standalone units or customised systems to tackle IAQ problems.

IAQ Assessment

We partner with accredited IAQ laboratory in town to help you obtain certification in accordance with IAQ objectives set by Environmental Protection Dept.

Control System

We are sophisticated in the design and supply of control systems, integrating your air conditioning, monitoring and purification modules into a whole.

How the system works?

Our Smart Indoor Air Purification solutions contains an Indoor Air Quality Monitor (Air Mentor 2), detecting the most important indoor air pollution parameters: Temperature, Humidity, PM2.5, PM10, TVOC and CO2; and an Iotelligent Data Box, providing Read-time Data Retrieval & Record and I/O control on new or existing air-conditioning/ air-purifying equipment. Our solution also works seamlessly with NCCO Air Purification System to give you excellent indoor air quality. Apart from standard models, we also provide customised solution to integrate into your existing air flow system.

Air Mentor 2
1 - Detect & Monitor

Real time IAQ status in 6 Parameters:
Temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide (CO2), total volatile organic compounds (TVOC including Formaldehyde), and particulate matter (PM2.5/PM10)

User-friendly smart application for instant remote checking.

2 - Storage & Notify

Data Storage & Display IBM Cloud Data Analytics Alarm Messaging.

IoTelligent Data Box
NCCO Air Purification System
3 - Improve

Intelligently purifies the air with our patented “NCCO” technology.

Clean Breath is your First Step to a Healthy Life

Attaining the IAQ standards of

Tackle indoor air problem indicated by Hong Kong EPD IAQ Requirements

Effectively treat the required pollutants in LEED accreditation

Add credits for BEAM Plus accreditation from

Effectively treat the required pollutants in WELL accreditation

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